World BBoy Series

The Undisputed World B-Boy Series is a B-Boy or Breaking championship series established in 2013. The series connects the renowned solo international B-Boy competitions worldwide. The first Undisputed World B-Boy Series kicked off in March 2014 at Battle Pro in Paris. B-Boy Menno from The Netherlands became the first winner of an Undisputed World B-Boy Series event. The first events series included; R-16 Korea, Battle of the Year, Red Bull BC One, The Notorious IBE, UK B-Boy Championships, Freestyle Session and Outbreak Europe. In later years Silverback Open Championships, Unbreakable, Taipei BBoy City, Green Panda Festival and The Legits Winter Blast became part of the series.

Series numberChampionshipCityDateWinnerCountry
54Taipei BBoy CityHualien City, TaiwanDecember 8, 2019IllzCanada
53Nordic QualifierMalmo, SwedenNovember 2, 2019GromRussia
52Battle of the YearMontpellier, FranceOctober 25, 2019ZekuUSA
51Green Panda FestivalBeijing, ChinaSeptember 21, 2019AlkolilRussia
50Unbreakable ChampionshipAntwerp, BelgiumSeptember 20, 2019ZoopremeDenmark
49The Notorious IBEHeerlen, The NetherlandsAugust 11, 2019PhilwizardCanada
48Outbreak EuropeBanska Bystrica, SlovakiaJuly 27, 2019VictorUSA
47UK BBoy ChampionshipsLondon, UKApril 14, 2019Kid KaramUK
46The Legits Winter BlastPrague, Czech RepublicMarch 10, 2019VictorUSA
45Battle ProParis, FranceFebruary 24, 2019Lil GVenezuela
44Taipei BBoy CityTaipei, TaiwanDecember 1, 2018OnelGreece
43Battle of the YearMontpellier, FranceNovember 16, 2018Dany DannFrance
Silverback OpenPhiladelphia, USAOctober 28th, 2018VictorUSA
41Green Panda FestivalBeijing, ChinaOctober 3, 2018Lil GVenezuela
40The Notorious IBEHeerlen, The NetherlandsAugust 12, 2018PhilwizardCanada
39Outbreak EuropaBanska Bystrica, SlovakiaJuly 28, 2018CheeritoRussia
38Unbreakable ChampionshipAntwerp, BelgiumApril 21, 2018StripesUSA
37The Legits Winter BlastPrague, Czech RepublicMarch 11, 2018GrekuPoland
36Battle ProLille, FranceFebruary 25, 2018IsseiJapan
35Taipei BBoy CityTaipei, TaiwanDecember 2, 2017VeroKorea
34Battle of the YearEssen, GermanyOctober 22, 2017OnelGreece
33Silverback OpenPhiladelphia, USAOctober 7, 2017IsseiJapan
32Freestyle SessionSan Diego, USAAugust 27, 2017ThesisUSA
31The Notorious IBEHeerlen, The NetherlandsAugust 10, 2017KuzyaUkraine
Outbreak EuropaBanska Bystrica, SlovakiaJuly 29, 2017VictorUSA
29Unbreakable ChampionshipAntwerp, BelgiumApril 30, 2017KillKorea
28UK BBoy ChampionshipsLondon, UKApril 8, 2017SunniUK
27Battle ProToulouse, FranceMarch3, 2017Lussy SkyUkraine
26Taipei BBoy CityTaipei, TaiwanDecember 3, 2016IsseiJapan
25Red Bull BC OneNagoya, JapanIsseiJapan
24Freestyle SessionLos Angeles, USAThesisUSA
23Battle of the YearBraunschweig, GermanyBruce AlmightyPortugal
22Silverback OpenPhiladelphia, USAThesisUSA
21The Notorious IBEHeerlen, The NetherlandsVictorUSA
20Outbreak EuropeBanska Bystrica, SlovakiaKuzyaUkraine
19UnbreakableAntwerp, BelgiumKuzyaUkraine
18UK BBoy ChampionshipsLondon, UKSunniUK
17Battle ProMarseille, FranceSosoFrance
16Red Bull BC OneRome, ItalyVictorUSA
15Freestyle SessionLos Angeles, USAVictorUSA
14Battle of the YearBraunschweig, GermanyMennoHolland
13Silverback OpenPhiladelphia, USAVictorUSA
12R16 KoreaSeoul, KoreaMennoHolland
11The Notorious IBEHeerlen, The NetherlandsSunniUK
10Outbreak EuropeBanska Bystrica, SlovakiaEl NinoUSA
9Battle ProChelsea, FranceMounirFrance
8Red Bull BC OneParis, FranceMennoHolland
7Freestyle SessionLos Angeles, USAEl NinoUSA
6UK BBoy ChampionshipsLondon, UKLilouFrance
5Battle of the YearBraunschweig, GermanyAlkolilRussia
4The Notorious IBEHeerlen, The NetherlandsTonioFrance
3Outbreak EuropeBanska Bystrica, SlovakiaKlejuPoland
2R16 KoreaSeoul, KoreaIsseiJapan
1Battle ProChelles, FranceMennoHolland