The Nordic Qualifier of the Undisputed Masters VI will take place on November 2nd in Malmo, Sweden as part of the Malmo Hip Hop weekend.

Open Qualifier
This is an OPEN qualifier, dancers from outside Scandinavia can also register and compete.

Qualifier process
Judges will pick the top 16 from the qualifier in a Cypher set up.
The top 16 will be K.O battles. Judges voting round by round.
The winner of the Nordic Qualifier will earn a spot at the Undisputed Masters VI in Malmo on dec. 14 2019.

Event and venue
Malmo Hip Hop Weekend / Undisputed 53 Open Nordic Qualifier
Moriska Paviljongen  
Norra Parkgatan 2,
21422 Malmö, Sweden

The Undisputed Nordic Qualifier is a part of the Malmo Hip Hop Weekend. For more info please visit:

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