The Undisputed World B-Boy Series is a B-Boy or Breaking championship series established in 2013. The series connects the renowned solo international B-Boy competitions worldwide. At the end of each year the champions of each solo event meet in a masters event called “Undisputed Masters” and compete to establish who is the “Undisputed” champion.

The Undisputed Ranking is a ranking accumulating the top 16 results of each championship in the World B-Boy Series. The overall ranking leader if not a champion, is also invited to the Undisputed Masters. The ranking is also used to reward wildcards for competitors to compete in the Undisputed Masters.

In 2007 Johnjay Chon and Charlie Shin creators of R-16 in Seoul, Korea took the initiative to organise annual conferences inviting stakeholders of the Breaking community. At these conferences top competitors, competition judges and promoters would discuss topics such as the future of competition Breaking and the improvement of judging. The initiative was picked up by Red Bull BC One. In 2012 at Red Bull BC One in Rio de Janeiro the concept to unify the major world Breaking championships through an events series was initiated. In 2013 after a two-day conference in Berlin a group of promoters, high level competitors and competition judges created the Undisputed World B-Boy Series and Undisputed Masters. The first Undisputed World B-Boy Series kicked off in March 2014 at the Chelles Battle Pro championship in Chelles, France. The first series included events were R-16 Korea, Battle of the Year, Red Bull BC One, The Notorious IBE, UK B-Boy Championships, Freestyle Session and Outbreak Europe. The first Undisputed Masters took place on December 14, 2014 in London.

Events Undisputed World B-Boy Series 2019
23 Feb. – Paris Battle Pro, France
10 Mar. – The Legits Blast Winter edition, Czech Republik
14 Apr. – UK B-Boy Championships, UK
26-28 Jul. – Outbreak Europe, Slovakia
11 Aug. – The Notorious IBE, The Netherlands
21 Sep. – Green Panda Festiva, China
21-22 Sep. – Unbreakable, Belgium
25 Oct. – Battle of the Year, France
2 Nov. – Undisputed Nordic Qualifier, Sweden
2 Dec. – Taipei B-Boy City. Taiwan

Undisputed Masters VI
14 Dec – Malmo, Sweden.